Cat’s Meow Toy – Review For The Cat Toy Your Cat Can’t Resist

Cat’s Meow toy has been getting more and more popular between cat owners, because it simply is different from any other cat toy that has ever been made or sold. Unlike other toys, your cats will never get bored playing with this, because it will feel like they are chasing a real rat around the house, and kitty cats never get bored chasing rats! This will definitely make it fun for you and your kids, along with your lovely cat.

The toy setup is really easy. All you have to do is unbox it, and switch it on then relax and watch your pet having fun. It works well even in small rooms, so you really don’t have to have a lot of space for it. The movement under the covers is so stimulating for the cat and if you want to make it more fun, you should select the random movement setting. This will make it feel like a real rat making random movements, left and right and everywhere. Doesn’t matter how old or slow your cat is, it will definitely love this invention!

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The materials used for this toy are not cheap! So it really doesn’t matter if your cat is over 20lbs, even if it tries to hold on to the motor, it won’t suddenly break. What’s even better is, you can now get two pieces of the toy for the price of just one. So you can switch between the two at any time you want.

The toy comes with four speeds, slow, medium, fast and random. You can switch between any of the four speeds at any time. Slow speed will make it easier for your cat to hang on to the motor and stop it from working – for a short while. Once the cat leaves the motor, it will start spinning again. The medium speed is somewhat faster, and will make it a little bit harder for the cat to hang on to it. The fastest speed is incredibly fast, and will make it so difficult for your cat to catch the spinner. This will literally make your cat spin in circles! While the random speed, will make the spinner spin randomly making it more difficult to be predicted, even by you.

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Below are some of the massive reviews we received

One of the best things I have got for her this year. – Timothy Peterson

This is for cats? Sheet. I’ve been playing with it for 4 months now. I thought it was for humans. (Didn’t read the box). I just LOVE it when it reverses directions. Gets me every time! How does it DO that??? - Katherine Smith

I have three cats, ages 16, 5 and 9 weeks. They all love to play with it – even the old lady. I just love this toy!Jodie Thompson

My brother just bought this for my daughter’s cats. The 5 month old loves it and my old grandpa cat is just starting to play with it. – Betty

My cat just loves this toy! She cries to me to turn it on. She becomes very frisky with it, and it is great entertainment to watch her play with it. I have the toy on my carpeted living room floor. It just makes a humming sound on carpeting. Not very noisy there. Maybe that would help. At first she was scared of it and ran away. What I did was I just kept it laying around for a few days without turning it on, so she could get used to seeing it. She even loves sleeping on it.Jean Williams

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